[Speed] Buildbot Status

Maciej Fijalkowski fijall at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 10:43:48 CET 2012

> I think pickle was mostly for unladen's pickle performance patches (trying
> saying that three times fast =), so I don't really care about that one.

This is up for discussion whether pickle's performance matters or not
(we have it disabled for example, but we might reenable it one day)

> Would it make sense to change the pypy repo to make the unladen_swallow
> directory an external repo from hg.python.org/benchmarks? Because as it
> stands right now there are two mako benchmarks that are not identical.
> Otherwise we should talk at PyCon and figure this all out before we end up
> with two divergent benchmark suites that are being independently maintained
> (since we are all going to be running the same benchmarks on
> speed.python.org).

No, I think it's a bad idea. First benchmarks should not change. It's
fine to have a py3k benchmark next to py2 one, but we have 0 checkins
to US benchmarks once we imported them.

Second, I find some of US benchmarks (those with hand unrolled loops,
like json from the newer one) complete nonsense. If it does make any
sense, it makes it only for cpython so we have no interest in having
those benchmarks at all. If someone unrolls loops by hand and have a
performance problem on pypy it's his own problem :)

I have no idea why those benchmarks diverged. Probably because we did
not work on the python's hg so people hacked there.


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