[stdlib-sig] pypy_vm (was: Proposal: new "interpreter" module)

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Apr 8 20:06:19 CEST 2008

Le mardi 08 avril 2008 à 13:42 -0400, Jim Jewett a écrit :
> If important information is in the interpreter-specific location, it
> would be nice to know where that is.  That could be a specific module
> name, but a module-name-pattern might be enough.
>     sys.interpreter=cpython (or pypy_js_43, or whatever is chosen)
>   <==>
>     cpython_vm (or pypy_js_43_vm) is the module for internals

Then why not:
sys.interpreter_module = cpython
	<=>  cpython
sys.interpreter_module = pypy_vm
	<=>  pypy_vm
sys.interpreter_module = org.baked.beans.jython
	<=>  org.baked.beans.jython :)

ie. those targets which choose to use a "_vm" suffix make it explicit
rather than imposing that naming upon everyone ?

> Also note that even the interpreter-specific modules will probably be
> somewhat related.  Just because something is implementation-defined
> doesn't mean prevent implementations from making similar choices.

I think that's the real problem here, but there is no simple scheme that
will allow us to solve it.

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