[stdlib-sig] futures - a new package for asynchronous execution

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Sat Nov 7 02:40:04 CET 2009

> To Antoine's Twisted comment, I don't see a direct comparison. From my
> understanding Twisted's Deferred objects are ways to have callbacks
> executed once an async event occurs, not to help execute code
> concurrently.

Well, waiting for concurrently executing code to terminate *is* a case
of waiting for an async event to happen.

Deferred objects are a generic mechanism to chain reactions to
termination or failure of code. Whether the event your Deferred reacts
to is "async" or not is really a matter of how you use it (and of how
you define "async" -- perhaps you meant "I/O" but Deferreds are not
specialized for I/O).



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