[Texas] opinions of the Teach-In approach

Brad Allen bradallen137 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 18:13:24 CEST 2010

I haven't gotten much feedback on the Python Teach-In concept. A few
experienced Pythonistas I spoke with seemed excited about and think it
could work, but Ralph mentioned that he thought I was overoptimistic
in thinking we could get enough tutor volunteers for one-on-one
tutorials with beginners.

However, most of our local Python community has not spoken up about
it. All along in organizing PyTexas, I've been advertising that we
will teach beginners at PyTexas, acting on faith that our community
could rise to that challenge.  However, most of our community members
have proven too busy to prepare for that in the traditional Python 101
style, so I wanted to devise an approach that would minimize the
required preparation time, based on the assumption that most of our
skilled Python community members would be generous enough to donate
two hours of their time at PyTexas helping newbies get started.

Is that too presumptous on my part? I'd like to hear some community
feedback. Please feel free to respond to this thread with your
opinions, or email me directly.

Please bear in mind that I don't expect every last attendee to
participate in the Teach-In. Many will be driving to Waco in the
morning, and the drive from Houston takes several hours. I wanted the
main part of the conference to start late in the morning (11am
keynote) to give everyone time to arrive.

P.S. We have currently have six beginners registered for the Teach-In,
and four tutor volunteers. When university students find out about
PyTexas next week, via their professors and flyers around the
campuses, I expect those beginner numbers to rise.

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