[Texas] PyTexas 2010 Retrospective: Facility

Martin Thomas martin at martinthomas.net
Mon Aug 30 15:54:34 CEST 2010

Big thanks to everyone who made PyTexas 2010 such a great event.

Here's my feedback (hoping that I did not miss a message with a URL to a
survey, say something on http://www.surveymonkey.com/ or

Location: Great.  Easy trip down and no hassle finding the parking.
 Following the chalkmarks was kind of fun.

Venue: Great.  Nice rooms, good screens, projectors etc. Comfortable seats.

Food: Good. The 10+ minute walk was ok (good to stretch the legs) but would
have been a problem on a really hot or a rainy day. Food selection in food
court was great; I thought I was going to be eating some fried thing on a
bun so it was a nice surprise.  Make it easier to get to the food? Seems
kind of silly to suggest a shuttle until you consider 100+ hungry
Pythonistas standing at a doorway looking out into a torrential downpour.

Talks: Good. The talks I attended all gave me food for thought without
leaving me baffled. I didn't attend any OpenSpaces (now wishing I had at
least dropped in).  I enjoyed the lightning talks but would have liked a few
more.  Was there a sign-up board?  I know Brad was taking names but that
didn't give visiblilty on how many to expect.

Seemed like the crowd was a mix of people ranging from new to Python to

I definitely would like to go next year if it is Waco again and maybe get
more involved earlier.

Thanks again!

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