[Texas] pyTexas tasks

Brad Allen bradallen137 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 07:03:06 CEST 2010

Here is a loose set of notes for near term tasks related to pyTexas 2010:

* We need a volunteer promoter for each major Texas city, who will
help get the word out to the local user group in that city. I've
joined the Meetup mailing lists for DFW, Houston, and Austin, but I
don't think people always pay attention to those lists. We need a
person who can show up at the user group meetings to plug pyTexas and
recruit volunteers.  I haven't heard about user groups in other Texas
cities, but it would be great to find contacts in San Antonio, College

* Setup the pyTexas 2010 wiki. This year, I'd like to switch to
MoinMoin. The PmWiki of previous years was serviceable enough, but
there's nothing wrong with MoinMoin, which is Python-based and I would
like to get more experience working with it. I've signed with an
account at Webfaction to get this setup. Does anyone want to volunteer
to help administer it? We could also use a volunteer to sling some CSS
to make it look good.

* We need a volunteer to create pyTexas logo. I've heard a few good
ideas: cross-eyed python digesting Texas-shaped lump, or the standard
Python logo twisted into a Texas shape. However, any volunteer willing
to do the job gets creative license and automatically gets +5 votes.

* Create a flyer and presentation slide to attract students and
faculty to the event. I'm planning to draft content for this next
weekend, along these lines "Python Programmers Converge Upon Baylor --
This is your chance to learn an excellent programming language!
Already know Python? Take our survey so we can make pyTexas fit your

* Create a survey for potential attendees. I can think of a lot of
content but it would be helpful if someone would volunteer to assemble
and deploy the survey.

* Recruit speakers. We need a Python 101 for the beginners, and I
think a Django tutorial in the afternoon beginner track would probably
go over well with college students. For the experienced track, it's
wide open; we need to start soliciting for talk proposals. Anyone want
to volunteer to coordinate that? Or just volunteer a talk?

* Make contact with the existing Python game development enthusiasts
at Bayor. Jeremy mentioned he'll get us the contact info.

* Write letters about the event to the Baylor faculty members involved
in computer science, bioinformatics, library science, and engineering.
We should invite them to join, and to encourage students to attend.

* I would like to invite free sponsorships for pyTexas, by offering to
give away sponsor swag to attendees. Anyone want to be the sponsor
coordinator? I volunteer to have swag mailed to my house for storage
until pyTexas, and to host a bag stuffing party.

* After the wiki is set up, the tasks can start getting more
solidified. We have a variety of lists to start maintaining, including
the list of people needing parking, number of computers needing wifi
access, inventory of supplies needed (power strips, gaffer's tape,
whiteboard erasers and markers, video cameras).

* We need one or more volunteers to record video, and I would like to
follow the same process as PyCon, as explained to my by Carl Karsten.
We can use the free DVSwitch app for real time selection between of
screen capture and "live action" presenter. (We need about $450 for a
Canopus TwinPact 100, which I'll be asking DFW Python members to chip
in for). Whether we try to record video in just one room, or both,
depends on how much equipment we can afford.

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