[Texas] PyTexas 2011 at Texas A&M in Sept

Ralph Green sfreader at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 26 01:37:52 CEST 2011

On Mon, 2011-04-25 at 18:25 -0500, Brad Allen wrote:
> PyTexans,
> Thanks to the efforts of Jeremy Kelley, we have a confirmed venue at
> Texas A&M University this coming September 10 (11th also possible if
> anyone wants to lead sprints).
I think that is a good location. +1 for me

> So far I haven't spotted any conflicts with the Sept 10 date. At
> least, no competing events appear on
> <http://calendars.techvenue.com/>. Please let me know if you run
> across any conflicts, local or otherwise (other Python or large open
> source conferences. BarCamps, etc.).
 That conflicts with the DFW Pythoneer meeting for September.  Somehow,
I suspect you will not find that to be a problem.

> While we still have an option to hold PyTexas in Waco, I feel strongly
> in favor of accepting the Texas A&M bid this year due to several
> factors:
  I thought Waco did a fine job, and we should go back there.  But, I
think it is a good idea to move it each year. College Station is well
located for people from the large cities.  They have never done a
PyTexas either, and that is a plus for them.

> Btw, I volunteer to act as chairman of PyTexas for a second year. If
> anyone else wants to act as co-chair, or run me out of office, let me
> know :-).

> Btw, this year we decided the wiki would be primarily used as a
> documentation application for organizers. We are planning a separate
> site to publicize the event, as well as handle registration and
  Is this the royal we?  I don't remember that discussion.

Good day,

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