[Texas] DFW Pythoneer Meetings Schedule

Jason Galyon jtgalyon at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 22:27:07 CET 2011

oops, meant to send to dfwpython and friends...

Kevin and I are staying together, just a few blocks away.

Is anyone planning on renting a car, or will we just rely on local eateries
and stuff?


p.s. ok, Rackspace folks... I warned you I will hunt you down and make you
drink beer and divulge details of OpenStack internals so I can start
bastardizing... I mean, enhancing it :)

seriously though, I have some big needs coming up and want to make sure I am
not a) duplicating current or planned dev effort or b) not trying to do
something totally out of scope.

If you want some pre-beer details, feel to email me at jasong at brucetek.net:)

Also, as is the beauty of a google voice account, I have no problem throwing
my voice num out there:  214.699.9438 :)

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 3:19 PM, Jason Galyon <jtgalyon at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was at GeekMeet (http://geekmeet.com/... imagine that :) )
> It has always been a great event to network in so many ways.  I recommend
> everyone look into this... if enough folks join up, I am sure we can manage
> meeting around that time (bullets meeting in air during the month, lol)
> Excited to see you all :)
> On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 12:55 AM, Jeff Rush <jeff at taupro.com> wrote:
>> <sevenseeker> howdy folks
>> <sevenseeker> I forgot (again) do we have meetups on the 2nd or 4th only
>> now?
>> We meet on the 2nd Saturday (last week) and the 4th Thursday (last
>> night).  That was the last meeting before PyCon starts.  Last night we
>> had the following show up:
>>  - Paul Kippes
>>  - Ralph Green
>>  - J.
>>  - (me)
>>  - Jeremy Lowan
>>  - (a new guy)
>>  - Chris Austin
>> See you at PyCon!
>> -Jeff
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