[Tkinter-discuss] Screen Resolution for tkinter

Albert Su asu at dyaptive.com
Mon Dec 13 19:25:12 CET 2004

hi everyone,

I am currently writing a GUI that is meant to run on different window 
managers with different resolutions. How can I scale down the size of my 
app when running on lower resolutions? I managed to find out the 
resolution of the screen I'm running on through winfo calls, but I can't 
specify the width/height of any frames/root frames/top levels I create. 
Any winfo_width() or winfo_height() calls to any frame gives me a 1, 1. 
Also, can I specify button sizes and the font size used for it? I am 
currently using grid() as the way of adding widgets into a frame.

Thanks for any help,


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