[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Re: Button look

Mike Rovner mike at nospam.com
Wed Jun 9 20:15:13 EDT 2004

Cameron Laird wrote:
>> .
>> Button look
>> "Batista, Facundo" <FBatista at uniFON.com.ar> wrote in message
>> How can I tell the button to look "pressed" and "unpressed"?
>> Make it checkbutton -variable x -indicator 0
>> when you set x to 1 it checks, to 0 - unchecks
>> .
> Whoa!  I think that is FAR from the most satisfying answer.

It's rather short but exact answer to the asked question.
Cameron, please comment what wrong in my answer, so I can learn on mistakes.

> Facundo wrote:
>Too ulgy.  I don't want a checkbutton, just a button.
 Facundo, with indicator=0 it looks _exactly_ like button. What is ugly?


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