[Tkinter-discuss] Administrative items

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Wed Mar 17 12:29:56 EST 2004

1.  Yes, I applied to gmane, so this'll be available as
    a newsgroup.  I have no idea how long the process'll
2.  What *I* really, really want, is a Wiki for Tkinter.
    It's a big enough subject to deserve its own; that's
    my view, at least.  I can't face setting up a Wiki
    myself, just now (personal reasons); any volunteers?
    I'll gleefully pour in content, once there's a
    container, and I'm sure others will too.
3.  Why are we doing this?  A colleague I respect very,
    very much asked why we have a mailing list, rather
    than just (?!?) training people to use Subject-line
    keywords in comp.lang.python, for example.  I have
    abundant reasons, but not so well-formulated that I
    can express them succinctly (basics:  Tkinter social
    dynamics will fit this mailing list better).  'Any
    one else know how to say it?

How much does the world need another Tkinter book?  'Know what?  We *could*
do a collaborative one.  I wonder if that'd be interesting ...

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