[Tkinter-discuss] Answers to a couple of Cameron's questions

Kenneth McDonald kmmcdonald at wisc.edu
Wed Mar 17 14:08:23 EST 2004

1) Why a mailing list?

I find that a mailing list is better if I have a particular focus. Due 
the volume of something like comp.lang.python, I may not bother
it for days on end, whereas getting the mailing list batched to me
every day is very easy.

2) As regards a Tkinter book, I always thought that it would be really
cool if Tkinter itself provided help in a consistent manner. For

import Tkinter
print Tkinter.__help__

As long as each "level" contains at least a reference to everything on 
next "level", it would be easi(er) for a newbie to drill down
to what they want. Also easier to maintain. Obviously, docstrings
would be fine too.


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