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Not meaning to be critical of the Intro :-) It is a great starting point but
I'm not sure you should be holding it up as a "comprehensive" manual.... :-)

I believe it is not comprehensive enough in some areas and the way it is
written it doesn't leave the possibility that there is more information that
should/could be searched for. For example, if you look at "Events and
Bindings" and compare the attributes available from the Event Object as
opposed to the attributes that are mentioned for the Event Object on the Tk
man page. 

There are many more attributes available (see the equivalent Tk page) about
an event than are mentioned in the Intro - sometimes these types of details
can make a huge difference to an implementation of something i.e. I once
wrote an application (in my Tcl/Tk days before I shifted to Python/Tkinter)
that was required to time the difference between keystrokes (speech
therapist wanted to measure and gather data on the frequency of stuttering
in a patient) - I could have used a call to a time module but that all
depended on *when* I decided to process the event - presenting all sorts of
notty problems for the code, whereas the event object actually contains a
time attribute - captured by the event processing system, that tells me
quite accurately enough *when* that event occured. So there was no notty
problems about "when" the key event was generated, I just used the time
attribute of the event.

So the Intro is a nice starting point that will probably be used by many
without having to go further, but I believe it is far from "comprehensive" -
in my view :-)

Given that I have read books on GUI programming with Tcl/Tk and read the
Grayson book on using Python with Tkinter, I find myself going continually
to the Tk pages directly - but this is a "hidden" field for many newbies and
your average Python programmer who doesn't have any Tcl/Tk background and
therefore doesn't realise the wealth of detail that the Tk elements actually
have and can provide.

Probably the only real answer is a comprehensive translation of the Tk pages
into Pythonese rather than "summaries" such as the Intro - something that I
consider quite "dangerous" because of the lack of clues that all has not be
faithfully "translated" (IMO - very critical of a noble effort and I
apologise if this offends anyone).


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> Me, who's in a pre-newbie state, but firmly decided to use Tkinter as
> python's GUI, miss very much a comprehensive manual.
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Facundo, how does <URL:
http://www.pythonware.com/library/tkinter/introduction/ >
fail to meet your need?

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