[Tkinter-discuss] Administrative items

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Thu Mar 18 23:58:02 EST 2004

> From tkinter-discuss-bounces at python.org Thu Mar 18 23:48:20 2004
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> It seems to me that our time is limited and that we should focus on showing
> people how to access and understand the Tcl/Tk docs in a Python context, 
> rather that trying to rewrite (and maintain) everything.

> The problem I had initially was figuring out where to find everything,
> and the wiki should help with that.

> It's better to enhance the Tkinter doc strings and use the wiki for meta
> information, IMHO.

> Another use would be to post good examples of Tkinter code.  Possibly also
> a few examples which are written in both Tkinter and Tcl so folks can see
> how they compare.
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You sound good to me.

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