[Tkinter-discuss] More thoughts on Tkinter documentation

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Mon Mar 22 20:48:25 EST 2004

> From tkinter-discuss-bounces at python.org Mon Mar 22 20:16:13 2004
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> Here are two more ideas for how to proceed with Tkinter documentation.

> 1) Is it possible to set up some sort of "structured wiki", where
> 	a) Some people can set up documentation structure,
> 	and others can add to it.

> 	b) Anyone can go in and write documentation in a section,
> 	and the "owner" of the section can then integrate (or discard)
> 	what has been contributed.

> For me, this would work well. If I needed to know something,
> go look at the online document. If my answer is there, great.
> If my answer isn't there, I have to go and figure it out myself--
> and having done that, it isn't much more time to go back and
> type in what I've found.
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> Any thoughts on the above? I can't do much about (1) myself,
> but if I receive any positive feedback about (2), I'll put
> together a couple of docts for a bit of Tkinter stuff, and post
> them to see if people think its worth continuing.
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I think you can.  Just put stuff in the Wiki right now, tonight,
as you think best.  Do one page.  Next time a question arises in
clp, you, or another of us, will write another page on your model,
and answer the poster with a URL.  The snowball accelerates.

That's *my* idea of how it can work.

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