[Tkinter-discuss] using pybwidget

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Sun Nov 28 20:57:10 CET 2004

Some examples would doubtless be useful.

All of the classes defined in bwidget are widgets.  You can use them
exactly the same as you use widgets in Tkinter, with the biggest
difference being that "default root" is not supported (you must always
specify a master for a bwidget).

contrary to what a first glance may make you expect, test.py *does*
create a bwidget:  Button is bwidget.Button, not Tkinter.Button.  Its
primary added feature is the "link" relief, which allows buttons to be
flat but raise on mouseover, like toolbar icons on Windows.

Below is a demo which shows two more widgets:  NoteBook and
ScrolledWindow.  I discovered a couple of stupid bugs in NoteBook and
fixed it in pybwidget-0.1.1, also on tkinter.unpythonic.net/bwidget .

import bwidget, Tkinter, sys, os

app = Tkinter.Tk(); app.wm_title("pybwidget demo")
notebook = bwidget.NoteBook(app, arcradius=2); notebook.pack()

files = sys.argv[0], Tkinter.__file__, bwidget.__file__
for i, f in enumerate(files):
    if f.endswith(".pyc"): f = f[:-1]
    page = notebook.insert(Tkinter.END, i, text=os.path.basename(f))
    sw = bwidget.ScrolledWindow(page)
    text = Tkinter.Text(sw)
    text.insert(Tkinter.END, open(f).read())
    sw.pack(side=Tkinter.TOP, fill=Tkinter.BOTH, expand=True)

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