[Tkinter-discuss] Re: bwidget progression dialog

Martin Franklin mfranklin1 at gatwick.westerngeco.slb.com
Tue Nov 30 16:45:30 CET 2004

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:22:18 +0100, Fredrik Lundh <fredrik at pythonware.com>  

> Stewart Midwinter wrote:
>> It appears that the progression dialog (shows a little rectangle that
>> oscillates back and forth to indicate progress of a process) would be
>> quite useful in what I'm doing.
> Slightly OT: if you have the WCK, you can use this progress bar
> instead:
>     http://effbot.org/zone/wck-progressbar.htm
> </F>

To go even more OT there is always this:-


I think it's a pure python (Tkinter) BusyBar
not used it myself though.

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