[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Tkinter screen saver?

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Mon Oct 11 18:39:47 CEST 2004

You should be able to "grab_set_global()", sending all mouse and
keyboard events to the given Tkinter top-level window.  This is a good
way to render your system unusable, if a bug prevents the grab from
being released.  On Unix, this can require ctrl-alt-backspace (kill X
server, log out) or use of another machine or the text-mode console to
kill the program.  Long-lasting global grabs also cause problems with
xscreensaver (which, in some versions, will lock even if it can't get
grab, and then you'll have problems *un*locking).  I'm not sure what
problems it presents on Windows, and what solutions for them exist,
while you're developing your software...

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