[Tkinter-discuss] String-names and the NoteBook entryfield

Chris Nethery clnethery at juno.com
Tue Sep 21 04:38:54 CEST 2004

Hello everyone.  I have an issue that is causing me many anxious moments.  So, at long last, I feel I need to refer to the experts.

I am trying to create a Pmw.NoteBook instance that the user names as he/she creates it.  Specifically, I am trying to enable the user to name the NoteBook instance in its own entryfield, similar to creating a new Tree node in Windows Explorer or a new Windows folder or shortcut icon, for example.  Secondly, I am having a hard time associating the input string name with the NoteBook instance.  Unfortunately, I have gone through many cycles trying to make things work, and the code has broken each time, so I have included just the base code that (almost) works.  Any ideas on this one?

Thanking you in advance,

Christopher Nethery

### imports ###

from Tkinter import *
from Tkconstants import *
import Pmw

### initialization ###

root = Tk()

### notebooks ###

class MyWidgets:

    def __init__(self, root):

        self.root = root

        Mainframe = Frame(self.root)
        Mainframe.pack(fill='both', expand=1, padx=1, pady=1)

        self.Notebook = Pmw.NoteBook(Mainframe, createcommand=self.curse_Selection)
        self.Notebook.pack(fill='both', expand=1, padx=1, pady=1)

        self.nameEntryField = Pmw.EntryField(self.Notebook.tab(""), label_font=(('Verdana'), '7'), labelpos=W, labelmargin=0, label_text='Stuff:')
        self.nameEntryField.pack(fill='both', expand=1, padx=1, pady=1)
        fieldEntry = self.nameEntryField.component('entry').get()

        self.NotebookPage1 = self.Notebook.add(fieldEntry)
        self.NotebookPage1.pack(fill='both', expand=1, padx=1, pady=1)

        self.NotebookPage1Frame = Frame(self.NotebookPage1, borderwidth=2, width=975, height=650, relief=GROOVE)
        self.NotebookPage1Frame.pack(fill='both', expand=1, padx=1, pady=1)

    def curse_Selection(self, notebook):


if __name__=='__main__':
    mw = MyWidgets(root)

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