[Tkinter-discuss] Unwanted Text widget bindings

Cam camfarnell at cogeco.ca
Thu Apr 14 19:16:11 CEST 2005

Hello list,

I'm running on a Debian/Gnome Linux box.

The "Text" widget comes with a bunch of free bindings to various control 
codes, <Control-a> for "home", <Control-B> for "cursor left" and so on, 
none of which I want for my application. Most of these I can get rid of 
by doing w.unbind_class('Text','<Control-whatever>'), but the bindings 
for Control-x (cut), Control-c (copy) and Control-v (paste) are 
different; they persist even after unbind, unbind_class and unbind_all.

I know you CAN get rid of them because Guido manages it just fine in 
Idle. However, several hours of pouring over the Idle source has not 
left me any closer to figuring out just how Idle manages to defeat these 

If any of you list members know what the secret is or can point me to 
some documentation that covers this issue I would *very* much appreciate it.


Cam Farnell

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