[Tkinter-discuss] realtime resizing

Marco Aschwanden PPNTWIMBXFFC at spammotel.com
Wed Apr 20 09:59:43 CEST 2005


I am laying out widgets on a canvas. I would like to be able to resize  
this widget on runtime as follows:

1. The cursor changes close to the edges of the widget (or when exiting)  
into an appropiate "resizing"-cursor.
2. When the user clicks now on the widget he may resize the widget  

How would I do that?

Here are my thoughts:

The only way I can think of cheating around:

1. Place the the widget XYZ into a frame.
2. Pad widget XYZ with 1-2 pixels within the frame.
3. When entering the surrounding frame, the "resizing"-cursor is set  
depending on the exit/entry point.
4. When the user clicks now <B1-Motion> it will resize the widget XYZ.

The extra frame and the extra padding space disturbs me. I would like to  
define all "events" on the widget.

Any suggestions? I found none so far.
Thanks for any hints,

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