[Tkinter-discuss] Hooking into custom Tcl/Tk Widgets

David King dking at nrao.edu
Wed Apr 27 18:35:18 CEST 2005

Hi Folks:

I am looking to make a custom Tcl/Tk widget available in Tkinter.  It is 
written in C/C++ and does graphics rendering of some custom astronomical 
data formats.  It has previously been driven stand-alone from a C++ program, 
without benefit of python (i.e., the Tcl/Tk interpreter and its event loop 
are currently created / run from the top level of a C++ program).

I now want to do most of the fancier control GUI creation from 
python/Tkinter, and embed the widget within that.  I will need somehow to 
send the widget various custom commands to control it from python.  Probably 
even harder, I will need to hook callbacks into various custom 'events' 
generated by the widget, and process them in python.

Guidance / doc pointers covering any of these issues will be welcome. 
Direct replies preferred (in addition group postings if useful to the 
general group).



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