[Tkinter-discuss] Is it possible to flatten a Canvas and an Image?

Gerardo Juarez gerardo at computo-industrial.com.mx
Thu Dec 15 03:53:32 CET 2005

Hi, I'm new to the list and just writing my second application in
python/Tkinter. I have skimmed over the digests of the list but have not
found this subject discussed.

I have a Canvas and a PhotoImage displayed in it. The application draws a
number of lines and other vector-features over the image, which works
fine. Now, if I save the image, it is exactly that which is saved: the
image. What about the vectors? Is there a way to 'flatten' the two layers
that are there?
If not, how would you suggest I could save the vectors over the image as a
single image - short of retracing them with my own line-drawing routine on
the image?


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