[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Yet Another Table widget...

Martin Franklin mfranklin1 at gatwick.westerngeco.slb.com
Fri Feb 11 09:34:59 CET 2005

Stewart Midwinter wrote:
> hi Martin:
> I'm using SciTE as well - great editor!
> anyway, I installed it under Python 2.4, then opened tablelist.py
> under SciTE and ran it from there. I can't remember if I ran the file
> from the folder where I downloaded it, or from its installed folder.
> I'm now at work (GMT-7), so I'll try installing it here and see what
> happens... let's see, open the .tar.gz file, copy the contents to
> ..python24\lib\site-packages, browse to that folder, open tablelist.py
> with SciTE, press F5 for Run - bingo!

Great, it would be nice to find out what happened on your other machine...

> I notice that the button on the side of the list seems to be fixed in
> that location.  Is there a way to have it display underneath the table
> list? (no biggie if not).   Very easy to get back the selection: just
> click on a row and then click on the button (to which I added
> text="select").  The show method could be modified as needed by the
> user.

Yes that demo/test  code at the end of the module could be cleaned up a bit!

> Just yesterday, I used a multiListBox to display some information (see
> attached graphic); but it looks like TableList could be more powerful
> in the future if it supports cell by cell editing. It could then
> support data entry as well as its current display capabilities.

I was using a multi-column list box (part of the Pmw Contrib I think)
but a new project at work required a column with images in.  This is why 
I started this whole thing.

I would like to get the cell editing tested - I have not even switched
it on yet!  Only trouble is I don't have a good enough reason (not
project that requires it!)

> Thanks for you work so far on this!
No problem


> cheers,
> S

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