[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Problem with Text widget's "see" method

Martin Franklin mfranklin1 at gatwick.westerngeco.slb.com
Tue Feb 15 11:00:02 CET 2005

Jared Cohen wrote:
> I'm building a text editor that has an Undo/Redo feature. To do this, I 
> basically invoke a callback every time the user presses a key; the 
> callback copies the entire contents of the Text widget to a history 
> list. Later, if the user presses Ctrl-Z, the widget steps back through 
> the history list, and if the user presses Ctrl-Y, it steps forward.


I see you got lots of help on the 'see' problem I just wanted to point 
out the Text widget comes with it's own undo/redo methods as of Tk 8.4
so if you have an up to date Python & Tk you should be able to use them


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