[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Problem with Text widget's "see" method

Jared Cohen Jared.Cohen at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 16 19:10:30 CET 2005

>I see you got lots of help on the 'see' problem I just wanted to point 
>out the Text widget comes with it's own undo/redo methods as of Tk 8.4
>so if you have an up to date Python & Tk you should be able to use them

Thanks anyway, but the undo doesn't seem to work. It's weird, because 
there IS an edit_undo() method in Tkinter.py (the Python wrapper), but 
apparently, the underlying Tk doesn't understand the command. Oh well.

Anyway, I still need some help with this "see" problem. Come on guys, 
isn't there a way to fix this?
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