[Tkinter-discuss] gui/thread issues

Mark English Mark.English at liffe.com
Tue Jun 7 10:58:35 CEST 2005

> Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 14:25:04 -0400
> From: Perry Greenfield <perry at stsci.edu>
> I think the problem is that, by and large, almost all uses of GUIs
> are centered on their being standalone applications and thus
> little thought is given to having a command line coexisting
> with the GUI.
> Our needs are pretty atypical in this regard.
Count me in as another atypical user. I've had additional problems
running through a plain Python interpreter if I don't use the main
process thread as the main GUI thread on Windows XP. Typically the
program will simply crash at some point. I'd like to be able to just
import a module and call a function to run its GUI and still be able to
continue at the command prompt. I suspect if I understood Tkinter better
I could make this problem go away, which makes it all the more
frustrating. When I have the time I'll try to create a simple test case
and post it.


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