[Tkinter-discuss] Re: Modal dialog behavior

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Wed Mar 23 13:54:33 CET 2005

Ok, I did some further investigation and found that the problem doesn't occur
with tkMessageBox.
The reason can apparently be found in msgbox.tcl:

    # Message boxes should be transient with respect to their parent so that
    # they always stay on top of the parent window.  But some window managers
    # will simply create the child window as withdrawn if the parent is not
    # viewable (because it is withdrawn or iconified).  This is not good for
    # "grab"bed windows.  So only make the message box transient if the parent
    # is viewable.
    if {[winfo viewable [winfo toplevel $data(-parent)]] } {
	wm transient $w $data(-parent)

Unfortunately neither the Pmw.Dialog nor the Dialog classes in the standard library
seem to check this, so I guess I'll have to override Pmw.Dialog.activate() .

Best regards


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