[Tkinter-discuss] Ann.: Updated TkTreectrl wrapper

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Mon Dec 4 18:52:29 CET 2006


I have  uploaded an updated version of the Tkinter wrapper for the Tk
treectrl widget (http://tktreectrl.sourceforge.net).
The major change in this release is the introduction of a few new
widget classes:
_MultiListbox_ is a Treectrl widget set up to work as a (more or less)
full-featured and very flexible multi column listbox widget.
The _ScrolledTreectrl_ and _ScrolledMultiListbox_ classes use ideas
shamelessly stolen from Pmw.ScrolledListbox to add one or two static or
automatic scrollbars to the widgets. They both inherit from the
_ScrolledWidget_ class that is supposed to make it easy to add
scrollbars to any other Listbox or Canvas alike Tkinter widget.

Changes to the Treectrl widget:
I added the second (optional) _last_ argument to column_delete() (new
in treectrl-2.1.1) and fixed a few minor bugs.

The url is: <http://klappnase.zexxo.net/TkinterTreectrl/index.html>



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