[Tkinter-discuss] Radiobutton issue

Bob Greschke bob at passcal.nmt.edu
Wed Dec 6 17:29:41 CET 2006

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Subject: [Tkinter-discuss] Radiobutton issue

I was trying to disable Radiobutton widget, with passing
Tkinter.Radiobutton(...,state='disabled') . also tried
Tkinter.Radiobutton(...,state=Tkinter.DISABLED) and 
Tkinter.Radiobutton(...,state=DISABLED) and  but no success. In first two 
cases there is no error message but radiobutton doesn't get disabled...
In the third case I got Python error saying DISABLED is not defined.

Is there any known issue/problem with disabling Radiobutton widget?

thanks a lot


It sounds like you may not be importing Tkinter in the "usual" way.

from Tkinter import *

is what I usually use and then things like  state=DISABLED  will work.

from Tkinter import *
Root = Tk()
RadButVar = StringVar()
RadButVar.set("2") <- set to which button should be initially "on" if any
Rb1 = Radiobutton(Root, text = "TestBut1", variable = RadButVar, value = 
Rb2 = Radiobutton(Root, text = "TestBut2", variable = RadButVar, value = 

The above works and I can put  state=DISABLED  in either or both of the 
Radiobutton lines and get predictable results.

I can also do things like  Rb2.config(state = DISABLED)  later in the 
program and it works, however, if a radiobutton is selected when you change 
the state to DISABLED it will stay selected until the user selects another 
one of the associated radiobuttons.


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