[Tkinter-discuss] tkFileDialog: shuts down root window

mopman dnichols32 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 21 23:03:25 CET 2006

Ahha!  I know how to reproduce this!  I was starting to think it was the
Eclipse IDE but I did a reboot and ran from the windows console to make sure
it wasn't

to repeat:
1) Right after reboot, I opened a window console, did a cd to my python
directory and entered "python <mytestcodemodulename>.py" to open the ui
2) click the browse button 
- file browser opens with my list of .csv files
4) here is the trick - DOUBLE click the file you want in the list.  
- with the double click you don't need to click the Open button, the double
clicked file is entered in Entry field and tkfiledialog window closes
5) click the Browse button in the UI again and here is where I get some
different behaviors.  Some times after clicking the browse button the second
time, I can wait, (for me it took about 15 seconds), and then the root
window is destroyed.  Other times, the root window is destroyed immediately,
other times I need to do the browse, double click, browse, double click
three or four times.  But seems that I can consistently repeat this with at
max four of these browse, double click cycles.    

It seems that all I have to do is have one double click in the tkfiledialog
to kill my whole app.  Can anyone else reproduce this? 

Thanks again.

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> mopman wrote:
>> I'm using python tkinter to create a GUI.  I wish to collect 4 files from
>> a
>> user so for this part I created a GUI that has a Label, Entry  and
>> Button. 
>> To get the file I use tkFileDialog askopenfilename.  My problem is that
>> after a few file selections using the tkFileDialog, the root window is
>> destroyed (the whole program just dissappears). 
>> I have created a simpler example and was able to reproduce the same thing
>> with this.  I've just started using tkinter so I have no idea what I may
>> be
>> doing wrong.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
> I don't have Pmw on this machine, but if I comment out the "import Pmw" 
> line, the program works perfectly fine for me (Python 2.4.3, XP, running 
> from the command prompt).
> - do you still get the same problem if you remove the Pmw import ?
> - how do you run the program ?
> </F>
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