[Tkinter-discuss] My (small) program crashes on windows and linux. Why?

Chris Niekel chris at niekel.net
Tue Feb 14 13:06:07 CET 2006


I was playing with tkinter, at the same time enjoying the olympics. I
thought I'd try to create a program for keeping scores of the
speed-skating. However, under windows I got into a crash, with the helpful 
"Send crash-report". I tried to change this into a smaller program that
still crashes, but whatever I change, it stops crashing.
Under linux it also coredumps, but then when you close the window.

Since it's python, and crashes shouldn't happen, I thought I'd attach the
whole program (it's 82 lines).  The strange thing is, if the 'SkateWindow'
is started with a distance < 10000, it runs allright. 

With 10km, the window is wider than my screen, but changing line 29
        self.distances = range(start,distance+1, 400)
        self.distances = range(start,distance+1, 800)
reduces the number of columns, but not the crash.

Any ideas?

Chris Niekel

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