[Tkinter-discuss] My (small) program crashes on windows and linux. Why?

Amanjit Gill amanjit.gill at gmx.de
Tue Feb 14 22:44:22 CET 2006

Chris Niekel wrote:

> Indeed, changing it to column=d/100 works as well. column and row should
>be < 9999, otherwise it crashes. Not a real problem ofcourse.
>I knew the numbers are weights, that's why I didn't bother to scale them
>and just used the numbers I already have available.
Hi there, I took a look at the Tk sourcecode, its limited by default .. see


//* * Data structures are allocated dynamically to support arbitrary 
sized * tables. However, the space is proportional to the highest 
numbered slot * with some non-default property. This limit is used to 
head off mistakes and * denial of service attacks by limiting the amount 
of storage required. *//
#*define* MAX_ELEMENT 10000


  if (slot < 0 || slot >= MAX_ELEMENT) {
    return TCL_ERROR;


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