[Tkinter-discuss] Look of the Tk apps in Debian Linux

Jakub Sporek y-e-d at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 16 21:46:29 CET 2006

Ok, thanks a lot...
that script works fine. Is there a possibility to change the
background color of the menus etc. the same way as the

On 16.02.2006 (02:25), jepler at unpythonic.net wrote:
> You can use the X resource database to control the default appearance of
> Tk widgets.
> For example, try the following shell script before running a Tk or
> Tkinter app:
>     for class in Label Entry Listbox Button Checkbutton Radiobutton Menu
>     do
>       echo "*$class.font: helvetica 12"
>     done | xrdb -merge
> It will choose a nicer (non-bold) font for most widgets.  These settings
> will persist until logout, or until modified by a subsequent 'xrdb'
> invocation.
> You can get the rest of what I know from reading the 'option' manpage,
> which is a Tk command that adds resources to the list for just one
> instance of Tk.  I believe the resource syntax is able to specify
> application names, widget paths, and widget classes, though I don't know
> all the particulars.  I generally use the *Class.databaseName format,
> and nothing else.
> Jeff

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