[Tkinter-discuss] Tix and Pmw comparison

Stewart Midwinter stewart.midwinter at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 05:52:05 CET 2006

Mohammed, thanks for putting that outline together.   It will be quite
useful when completed.

My suggestion would be to put the comparisons at the top of the page,
including your views on the pros and cons of each widget set.  The
actual list of what each widget set includes could come later. Or
better yet, delegate each list of widgets to its own page - that would
be more readable.  (OOPS - just read your stuff at the page bottom,
where you make the same suggestions).

I noted that the Notebook page appears in several places, but the
example is from only one widget set. The EntryField link appears under
Pmw but the example is from Tkinter.

A couple of other notes I would make: you can add a pros and cons for
basic Tkinter, since it is the default choice.

e.g. pros
- comes with all python installations and is available on all platforms
- smallest footprint of any widget set
- extensive documentation is available

- some people think it's ugly

Another thing about Pmw. Currently I'm working on a Tkinter app
running on python in the cygwin environment.  I've found some
weirdness (invisible text on tkMessageBox widgets like showinfo),
non-functioning MenuBar widgets after doing a subprocess fork, etc.
I'm having (for now) to revert to basic Tkinter widgets.

Other cons to Tix, bwidget:
- can be problematic to install on some platforms; some users have
problems getting python to find the widget set (raw tk commands may be

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