[Tkinter-discuss] Pmw problem in cygwin with Tkinter

Amanjit Gill amanjit.gill at gmx.de
Sun Jan 8 19:03:57 CET 2006

Steward MidWinter wrote:

>in a Toplevel window (I'd use a tkMessageBox showinfo widget, but for
>some reason the text is invisible on cygwin).
For some reason (FSR), tkMessageBox is *visible* on my cygwin :-)

>After I close the Toplevel widget, all of the menus in my app behave
>as though they have no contents to them, i..e I can press on the File
FSR, I cannot reproduce this UI anomaly with pmw on my cygwin installation.

>Below are two apps that illustrate the problem. It's obvious that the
>problem is with Pmw, and in particular with the menubar widget.  The
FSR, Pmw itself works fine on my installation. But FSR, I cannot run 
your sample unmodified because cygwin cannot fork - had to put things 
into dirlist manually for a test.

$ python /test_subprocess2.py
C:\cygwin\bin\python2.4.exe (2524): *** unable to remap 
C:\cygwin\bin\tk84.dll to same address as parent(0x18700000) != 0x18C10000
     23 [main] python 596 fork_parent: child 2524 died waiting for dll 
Execution failed: (0, 'Error')

Bottom line: I think cygwin is too much of a moving target. An example: 
FSR in my old install "ssh-add " always hanged on the first invocation. 
After pressing control-c and rerunning ssh-add everything works (FSR!).

System: - Windows 2003 Server Std Edition
        - Python 2.4.1 (#1, May 27 2005, 18:02:40)
          [GCC 3.3.3 (cygwin special)] on cygwin
        - Pmw 1.2
        - Cygwin Base 1.3.20a-2

Btw, cygwin + tkinter / pmw seems to create the exact same native 
widgets on my system and do not use X  (XWin.exe).      

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