[Tkinter-discuss] Tix.Grid wrapper

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Wed Jul 12 23:00:57 CEST 2006

Hi all,

just for fun I wrote a wrapper for the Tix.Grid and Tix.ScrolledGrid widgets. You can find it at:

    www.8ung.at/klappnase/TixGrid/TixGrid.html .

The zip-file includes a short test script with code examples and most of the methods and options
are documented in the source. Although some of the tixGrid commands seem to have no effect (and
due to the poor tix documentation I could not figure out the use of some commands) it may be not
too bad at least for simple table display tasks.

If anyone has a use for it, it would be nice, if you would report your experience with it
here. Maybe after some more testing it could be something to contribute.



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