[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter DnD - Drag and Drop

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Wed Jul 19 11:55:11 CEST 2006

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 14:19:04 +0100
Michael Foord <mike at pcblokes.com> wrote:

> >
> > I made the same observations. Maybe the problem is that the tkdnd binary is built against an
> > older version of Tcl/Tk. I currently don't have a windows box running, so I planned to wait
> > until the unix part of tkdnd2 is fully implemented before I start updating the TkinterDnD module.
> > The author of tkdnd wrote at
> >  http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.tcl/browse_thread/thread/37c43ef2aeb2de18/d2d03a79b955f3d4?lnk=st&q=tkdnd&rnum=8
> > that tkdnd2 has a compatibility layer for tkdnd1-code,
> > so maybe you could try to use tkdnd2 and see how far you get (I have not tried this so far).
> >   
> Thanks for the reply.
> Unfortunately it didn't work (for me) when I tried it with tkdnd2.
> I will have to wait for the update to TkinterDnD. :-)

Hi Michael,

now I became curios, and started wrapping tkdnd2.0 .
The Python interface looks good to me, however I could not manage to get everything working.
On windows dropping files from Explorer works, dragging operations seem to start but I cannot seem to
figure out how to successfully finish them.
On linux nothing seems to work.
I think that probably the problem is not the wrapper, but the usage; the tkdnd2.0 man page is buggy and maybe
not complete.
If you want to try it anyway, you can find it at:


, and if you do so, please do not forget to report your experience;-)



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