[Tkinter-discuss] question on scalable frame

jepler at unpythonic.net jepler at unpythonic.net
Tue Mar 7 17:24:06 CET 2006

Once the user has adjusted the size of the window, many window managers
keep the window at the user-requested size, rather than the
application-requested size.

By setting an empty geometry when resizing the window, this behavior
can be avoided, at least on my system.  e.g., in python,

Here's a wish program that demonstrates the solution (and the problem,
if the "wm geo" section is commented out):

label .l -width 10 -bg red
button .b -text "<<" -command {width -1}
button .b1 -text ">>" -command {width 1}

proc width arg {
    set w [.l cget -width]
    incr w $arg
    if {$w < 0} { set $w 0 }
    .l configure -width $w

    # Reset window to use application, not user, size
    # Comment this out to show the problem or do something more sophisticated
    # (like check if the new requested size is greater than the current size, so
    # as to grow but not shrink)
    wm geometry . {}

pack .l -side top
pack .b -side left
pack .b1 -side left


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