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Pavel Kosina geon at post.cz
Tue Mar 28 20:54:22 CEST 2006

Michael Lange napsal(a):
>> In fact, I tried this too, but the same effect. I got the impression 
>> from the documentation that this should be the right method. With 
>> binding canvas I do not know, how to bind more than one player,  so that 
>> each one could be moved separately.
> Hi Pavel,
> maybe you could use Canvases as Players. Just for fun I wrote a little "Player" class that
> seems to do what you want:
So in other words you would like to tell me that funcionality of 
tag_bind is broken? That it is not working in this version? Your 
solution is nice, thank you for that, but I would like to stand on most 
simple solution, standard one, because of teaching reasons. I am a 
leader of a small group of teenager pythonniers, and this is another 
step I would like to go to....

Thank you all of you for help so far.

Pavel Kosina (geon)

Pavel Kosina
ICQ 176015287

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