[Tkinter-discuss] ANN: Martin Franklin's Tile/Tablelist Tkinter wrappers now at SourceForge

Kevin Walzer kw at kevin-walzer.com
Mon Nov 13 22:23:21 CET 2006

I have posted Martin Franklin's Tkinter wrappers for the TableList
package (http://www.nemethi.de/) and the Tile theming extension
(http://tktable.sourceforge.net/tile/) at SourceForge.

Mr. Franklin previously hosted these wrappers at the URL's below:


Mr. Franklin had previously announced the wrappers on these lists:


His licensing terms were not explicit, but my reading of the threads
indicates he intended the wrappers to be freely reusable.

I had downloaded the extensions several months ago, intending to try
them out. Since then  Mr. Franklin's site seems to have gone offline,
and the extensions are not available elsewhere. Because they are the
best-available Tkinter wrappers for these two powerful Tk extensions, I
have made them available at a SF site I maintain for various Tk
extensions. The download link is below:


At present I have only posted the extensions themselves. The only
documentation is that provided by Mr. Franklin in his source code. After
I spend more time using these extensions in an application I am
developing, I will probably update the package with additional

If I have misstepped by making these extensions available at SF, I
invite Mr. Franklin to contact me on- or off-list.

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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