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On 11/23/06, Sorin Schwimmer <sxn02 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I think you need a Toplevel() window instead of a Label.
> > Michael
> I'm not sure I understand. Can you illustrate with an example?
> Thanks,
> Sorin
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> if all you want is to set icon for a window you can simply do that with
the following in code

from Tkinter import*

iconbitmap is capable of readiong windows .ico files and it can simply set
the icon, so you dont have to go in to all the hacking of label image tk etc

2) The window decoration is drawn by the OS not by the Tkinter.  That window
decoration is a kind  of global look and feel that you get for all the
windows in your machine as decided by the theme manager. If you still insist
on doing that from with Tkinter simply restrict the window manager from
decorating your windows. use "overrideredirect"  method on root window


But it has lots of troubles like you cant move the window normally,  for
that you have to write additional code.

3) http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/wm.htm
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