[Tkinter-discuss] How to dettach a Toplevel

John McMonagle jmcmonagle at velseis.com.au
Wed Nov 29 22:55:02 CET 2006

Sorin Schwimmer wrote:

> The daemon waits until KDE is up and running and xhost was executed, 
> then it does a
> root=Tk(screenName=':0.0')
> Nothing comes on. If I fire up a Python interpreter and do the things 
> manualy, it works
> flawless: I have a graphic window controlled by root, can populate it, 
> withdraw it, iconify it,
> destroy it... It proves that from an X server standpoint things are set 
> correctly, but my daemon does something wrong (it may be that the window 
> is created and destroyed immediately, I don't know).

Do you also start the mainloop in your daemon ?

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