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Don't know if this will make a difference, but try two things.
1st, turn off the overrideredirect and see if that changes anything.
I've seen strange things with that before which caused some widgets to
not behave properly at random times.
2nd, you could explicitly set the Tx master=root.  I'm not sure that
matters, but just a stab.


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Hi All,

I am trying to use a textbox in an undecorated window. It works under
Windows, it fails under Linux. Here is a test code:

from Tkinter import *


root['bg']='' # transparent background
root.overrideredirect(1) # get rid of border
root.geometry("+80+120") # place on screen

root.focus_set() # take focus

bt.grid(row=0, stick=E) # a button to allow window's closure
tx.grid() # a text widget
tx.focus() # give focus to text


Under Linux, only mouse events are acknowledged, while the keyboard is
ignored. How should I proceed?

Thanks for you advice,

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