[Tkinter-discuss] Textbox in undecorated window (was - no subject -)

Sorin Schwimmer sxn02 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 7 21:28:32 CEST 2006

Hi again,

Thanks Bobby, thanks Mathias. Sorry for forgeting to type the subject.

Right now I have the piece of code working with the overrideredirect commented out. It's not the way I wanted, but it's working. Setting the master explicitely to root doesn't help.

My configuration is Gentoo (kernel 2.6.11), Python 2.4., Tcl/Tk 8.4.? (don't know how to find out the third digit), KDE 3.3 (3.4 on some other machines). What I try to accomplish is to be able to edit some text in the textbox, but not to cover too much of the screen (so the user knows the context in which the textbox was invoked and act accordingly). The problem is that my textbox is not editable.

Thanks again,

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