[Tkinter-discuss] Pressing buttons

Bob Greschke bob at greschke.com
Wed Apr 4 04:49:17 CEST 2007

You want to do something like this:

from Tkinter import *
Root = Tk()

EntryVar = StringVar()

def doSomething(e = None):
    print EntryVar.get()

Sub = Frame(Root)
Ent = Entry(Sub, width = 10, variable = EntryVar)
Ent.pack(side = LEFT)
Ent.bind("<Return>", doSomething)
Ent.bind("<KP_Enter>", doSomething)  <- for the numeric keypad Enter key
Button(Sub, text = "OK", command = doSomething).pack(side = LEFT)
Sub.pack(side = TOP)


It is important that the Entry field .pack() be on a line by itself and not 
combined like  Entry().pack(), otherwise Ent will be equal to None and the 
bind will not work.

No problem with the English.  We'll get through it. :)


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> Hi,
> how can i do the following it ? I have an Entry and a button "ok". I
> need that with the keyboard put a number and press enter.
> i put 456
> press enter
> The program must call a function, and later, the position of mouse is in
> entry again.
> Sorry, my english is very bad.
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