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hani abraham abraham_h101 at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 6 23:57:04 CEST 2007

Your script works as expected and I think the problem in my script is a conflict when importing modules. The following are modules loaded order:

from Tkinter import *
from copy import copy, deepcopy
import Tix
import tkFileDialog
import Tkinter as Tk

Is there a way i can resolve the conflict between tkinter and tix without removing tkinter?


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Does this script function as expected on your installation? You should be able to select multiple items in the tree and then clear the selection with the button.

Works for me on both winxp and ubuntu with 2.6trunk, 2.5maint and 2.4maint compiled against tcl8.4.12, tix-8.4.0, tk8.4.12. Which version of python and what tcl/tk/tix libraries are you using?

cat hlisttest.py

from Tix import *

def clearSelection(hlist): 

tk = Tk()

# create and configure tree
tree = Tree(tk)
tree.hlist['selectmode'] = EXTENDED
tree.hlist['wideselection'] = TRUE
tree.hlist['background'] = 'white' 

# add a couple of tree nodes
tree.hlist.add("test1", text="Hello world")
for i in range(5):
    tree.hlist.add_child("test1", text="item%d" % i)

# add button for selection clear 
Button(tk, text="Clear Selection", command=lambda:clearSelection(tree.hlist)).pack()

# pack tree
tree.pack(expand=TRUE, fill=BOTH)


On 8/5/07, hani abraham <abraham_h101 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
Yes, i used the hlist component of the tree but nothing happens. The thing is I can clear the selection if I use selection_set then selection_clear but i can't clear the selection when it's highlight with a mouse. 

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Subject: [Tkinter-discuss] Fwd: Tix hlist-clearing selection

Hey Hani,

Are you sure you are calling the selection_clear method of the hlist child widget and not the parent tree? 

tree = Tix.Tree(root)
tree.hlist.selection_clear ()

If you look in Tix.py you can see that Tree is a compound widget containing two scrollbars and a hlist. 

class Tree(TixWidget):
    def __init__(self, master=None, cnf={}, **kw): 
        TixWidget.__init__(self, master, 'tixTree',
                           ['options'], cnf, kw)
        self.subwidget_list ['hlist'] = _dummyHList(self, 'hlist')
        self.subwidget_list['vsb'] = _dummyScrollbar(self, 'vsb') 
        self.subwidget_list['hsb'] = _dummyScrollbar(self, 'hsb') 

Thus to clear the hlist selection you must address the child hlist directly and not its parent Tree widget.


On 8/5/07, hani abraham < abraham_h101 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
I'm new to python and i'm using Tix Tree widget in my application. I'm trying to clear the tree selection but no luck so far. I tried selection_clear and anchor_clear but these aren't working. Can someone help? 

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