[Tkinter-discuss] Using floats in canvas X,Ys

Bob Greschke bob at greschke.com
Fri Dec 7 02:41:52 CET 2007

If someone knows this off the top of their head...

If I plot a line or a rectangle or something (Canvas.create_???) and  
pass floats for the X's and Y's where will the items actually be  

Like if I pass an X of 654.2 and one of 654.7 what pixel will actually  
be used?  654 and 655, or both 654, or both 655?

I'm too weary from trying to get a graphing routine that the user can  
click on and zoom in on a portion of a graph to write any more code to  
figure it out! :)  Come to think of it I'm not even sure how I would  
do it.

Thanks a bunch!


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