[Tkinter-discuss] Problems with lambda functions in callbacks

Dídac Busquets busquets at silver.udg.es
Fri Feb 16 18:04:24 CET 2007


Thank you all for you responses. With Stewart's answer I could get it 
working. Those were my first lines in python (that is why I had so many 
semi-colons - I'm so used to C and C++).

And also thanks for the explanation. One really needs to know how the 
programming language works when writing a program.



mkieverpy at tlink.de wrote:
> Hello Dídac,
> just to add an explanation, why your code doesn't work:
> >from Tkinter import *
>> root = Tk();
>> def cb(x):
>>    print x;
>> for i in range(5):
>>    b = Button(root,text=i,command=lambda:cb(i));
> The part "lambda:cb(i)" is a function which gets evaluated
> (called) when a button is clicked. It is evaluated
> in the scope where it is defined. In this scope (the global scope)
> the for-loop has finished running long ago.
> Thus 'i' is always evaluated to '4' regardless which
> button is pressed because this is the value of 'i'
> after the end of the loop.
> Stewart's code:
>    b = Button(root,text=i,command=lambda i=i:cb(i));
> This code works because it turns the loop variable 'i'
> into a default value for the parameter 'i' of the lambda function.
> And default values are evaluated when the function is defined,
> i.e. while the loop is running.
>>    b.pack();
>> root.mainloop();
> Hope this helps to demystify this behaviour,
> Matthias Kievernagel
> (mkiever/at/web/dot/de)
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