[Tkinter-discuss] Installing Tk.framework to directory other than system directories

jstradli at nmt.edu jstradli at nmt.edu
Fri Feb 16 17:56:26 CET 2007


Platform: Mac OS X 10.4

I'm trying to install the Tk.framework to a directory other than
/Library/Frameworks or /System/Library/Frameworks or ~/Library/Frameworks
.  I'm wanting to do this so I can create Mac packages with a custom build
of Python, Tkinter and some additional modules that can be installed in a
completely self contained custom directory.  I don't want Tk.framework to
be installed to the system directories because it may inadvertently
clobber a users Tk.framework ;-).

Here is what I have done
1) Built tcl with framework enabled and custom prefix.
   Then I changed the path the framework was to be
   installed to in the Makefile
   (namely /opt/<somename>/Library/Frameworks)

2) I then repeated the above for tk

3) I configured python with a custom prefix,
   then I edited setup.py and added to the
   beginning of the list variable "framework_dirs"
   the path to my tk and tcl frameworks
   I than ran make and make install

After testing this I noticed that it was still linking to the
MAC OS default Tk.framework in /System/Library/Frameworks not
my newly installed framework?

Sorry for the long-windedness I wanted to make it clear what
I have done and my end goal.


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